Monday, 2 November 2015

E-FLAP #000002 - Sweet Lord Baby Jesus on a Crutch The Burning STUPID!

So I am over at Ezra's Rebel Media Facebook page calling out Ezra on his biased bullshit as usual, and I get ask to provide ten stories where Ezra's E-FLAPs(1).  So I provide a short list of seven topics off the top of my head (no googling, just seven that come to mind at that moment in time)  The list I provide below, pay attention to the one I highlighted.

And this is where the drooling stoopid begins.  One of Ezra's ubber fangirls provides a link to the very story at Ezra went off about. 

So i actually take the time to watch the whole video clip, you know, checking my facts and due diligence, making sure my memory of what was said was accurate and that rot,  Not to be out done, Karen doubles down on her stoopid and follows up with this lovely bit, my immediate response follows.

I politely point out that Karen is mistaken, and provide the actual quite from the video.  Wait, it gets better, Karen now insists on tripling down on her drooling STOOPID.

Yup she, she either invent that quote or spliced together two different quotes to make the false one she provided or she has a very serious comprehension problem, and this is AFTER I already provided the exact quote from the video.  I seriously can not tell if she knowingly manufacturing false quotes or if she so mind numbingly stoopid to see her own error, even after the correct quote was provided to her just one post prior *yeah, I am repeating that cause this is so mind numbingly idiotic on her part.

So either Karen
  1. Has the reading/listening and comprehension level of a first grader, come on six year olds make these types of mistakes all the time, or
  2. She is a bold face liar.
Either option explains perfectly Ezra's target audience. 

Let me tell you this, I am exercising extreme restraint in my writing over there at the Rebel Media Facebook page and here.  One year ago my language and tone would be some what different, and that is putting it politely.

Link to the Facebook thread The Rebel Media Facebook Page
Link to the original Toronto Star Video Clip  Should Omar Khadr get the Order of Canada?
Link To Ezra Levent's original bullshit rant The Toronto Star actually thinks terrorist Omar Khadr should get the Order of Canada

(1) E-FLAP - Ezra Fabrication, Lies and Propaganda

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