Thursday, 5 November 2015

E-FLAP #000005 - The Rebel Media Viewers Edition

Werner Patels is an name I wish I would never have to see again, but I see the years have not treated his brain very well.  From my past dealings with Werner I have come to known him as a dickhead and douchebag.  Now we can can add Xenophobe and Flat Out Racist.  I was listening to Ezra and Brian Lilley's take on the New Trudeau appointments today, and color me shocked that Ezra somewhat approved of our new Minister of National Defense, Harjit Sajjan.  Part of me thinks that Ezra approved of this only to keep the overt racist RWNJs in his audience from saying stuff like this below:

Werner Patels The most shocking aspect of it all is that we now have a towelhead for defence minister! I hope his towel will be checked thoroughly if he's ever allowed to visit the White House or the Pentagon. Justin is soooo stupid ... people like that can't be trusted, their loyalty always lies with the old country and their pseudoreligions first.
Screen Shot, so Ezra Levant can wear these racist turds around his neck.

Yes, I have verified that this is Werner's facebook page, so this is what the racist (most not swear, must not swear) thinks, heck he even put a form of this on twitter.  The guy is not only a overt racist, he is an extremely stupid one at that.

Anyways, it looks like Ezra's plan to keep his racist fanboys in check didn't work.  Sorry Ezra, when you appeal to lowest and most base instincts in humankind, you can expect to have thriving following of the very worst that humankind has to offer.

On another note, I get banned for posting opposing opinions (and I did it politely too) at The Rebel, but overt racist comments are just fine.  Seriously Ezra, you have no ethics, no morals and you are a slug.  My apologies to non-ethical, immoral slugs, I had to put Ezra somewhere.


  1. Fully agree with you. It was a dumb comment to make. I have to admit, and eventually did, that I had never heard of the guy before then, and I made the colossal mistake of "judging the book by its cover" without bothering to find out about his background and who he actually was. Your calling me out on this one is well-deserved. I did apologize for my stupidity to one of the commentators (I think it was on Twitter) who had left feedback on that blunder of mine. Just goes to show that things often get said way too quickly on the social media when they should be mulled over first, or not posted at all.

  2. Oh Werner, this is just one in long stream of resent dumb comments you have made. You are a a flay out racist and hate-monger, But please stay tune as I will feacture more of your more overt racist comments, many of them border or cross the line as a hate crime.

    But not to fear Werner, unlike you, I will not block and censor you like you did to me.