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E-FLAP #000010 - Joshua Attempts Science/Science, Again

Well Joshua is back with his second installment of  "How Conservatives Can Reclaim Science", and still no science.  When I first read Joshua's second article I didn't think much of it, for he had very little to say about science.  Then after a second, more careful reading, I realized I was mistaken and there is much to dissect.  So what can we learn from his second installment? Well we find out that Theo can count to six, but that is about it.  He first mistake is the claim that his last article was last week, when in fact it was nearly two ago, so I guess Theo can't count past ten.

His latest installment are six rules or thingies, which I will boil down and remove all the meaningless drivel.

1) Science serves no end but itself

  1. Science is science, it is not good or bad.  (Very good Joshua, you get a cookie)
  2. Science's purpose to increase our knowledge and understandig (WOW two in a row, another cookie)
  3. "Human cause global warming could overthrown tomorrow...", well technical true, ya, but I wouldn't bet your two cookies on that, or the rent Joshua.
  4. I want to quote this part "We "knew" the world was flat, that it was the centre of the universe, and that it was 5000 to 6000 years old" Well, we have know the Earth was not flat, with scientific certainty since Eratosthenes of Cyrene made the first estimate of the Earth diameter in 240 BCE, that was 2256 years ago.  Oh and for claiming the Earth is the center of the Universe and the Earth is only ~6000 years old (aka religious theology claimed this, not Science), would you, Joshua like the very long list of RWNJ morons in North America that still believe this poop?  Some of them are even running for POTUS.  The failure is mounting and it doesn't look good for Joshua.
The more science is done, the more science changes
  1. Science leads to more science.  Well yes, Joshua, if it doesn't then you are clearly not sciencing correctly *rolls eyes*
  2. Don't like Scientific Consensus,... and I have to quote this  "Do studies showing that it’s wrong!" NO, BAD Joshua, BAD, you just failed miserably.  The correct method is to form a hypothesis based on your observable data.  Take that hypothesis and study it further. Collect more data and test.  Determine methods show that your hypothesis CAN FAIL and see if it does. MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL!!! You follow the data to where is leads, not to a predetermined conclusion.  Seriously Theo, do you even science?
Nothing in science is ever truly “settled” 
  1. WRONG! Sorry Joshua there are things in Science that are settled and indisputable. We call these thing Scientific Laws.  Like the Law of Gravity, The Laws of Thermodynamics, Newton's Laws of Motion and I will bold and say it THE LAWS OF EVOLUTION!  These are settled, people with sound educations know this, it is only the quacks out there that depute these Laws.  Oh and by the way, Joshua, a scientific law has less mean and value than a Scientific Theory.  I know you didn't suggest or mention this, but I am going to correct the record before you stupidly make that error in the future.
Again Joshua, do you even Science?  The evidence is building that you do not.  Almost time to make a Hypothesis about Joshua (evil grin)

Scientists have no reason to take rejection of science personally

Time to directly quote Joshua again because his failure is massive
Similarly, a scientist should not be wasting his or her time attacking believers or people who reject evidence. Does someone refusing to get the flu shot make the shot less effective? No! So why are you being so insecure? Oh, wait, I know -- it’s up to you personally to make sure we don’t have a flu epidemic. Mmm-hmm. Sure.
Really Joshua? How about when these morons take their rejection of solid indisputable science and try to market it is alternative medicine by sell people what constitutes nothing more than distilled water?  Or how about when they take their faith and try to get it taught in School Science class rooms? Joshua you are failing so bad at science, it isn't even funny any more, it is just sad and pathetic.

Scientists also block scientific progress

To quote the
There are so many stories of scientists getting so attached to their discoveries that they refuse to let go, but my favourite is about good ol’ Albert Einstein.
Yes Joshua, Scientist are people, not computers or robots.  I ma not going even go into the long and inglorious history of  Religion blocking Scientific Progress (When was the last time any religious text was updated to reflect reality?)  This is why we adhere to the Scientific Method and INDEPENDENT PEER REVIEW.  To bad you didn't mention that in your article, eh?  Again, do you even Science?  My hypothesis is Joshua will present very little real science in his future articles and I base this hypothesis on the limited data that Joshua has presented and his failure to form cogent arguments and his general lack of understanding of the Scientific Method and Scientific vetting procedures.  I shall call this hypothesis

The Joshua *Dunning-Kurger
* Lieblein-Bro, Do you Even Science Hypothesis, and it holds a very important element, it can be verified false with further data and study.  I would truly love to see it proven wrong, and Joshua can easily do it too,... just be learning how to science.
Scientists should be humble

To Quote the
The amount of stuff we don’t know, and we don’t know that we don’t know, is awe-inspiring. Don’t lord your scraps of knowledge over so-called ignorant people. You really are in no place to judge. 
Um, why, you have present no logical reason why humility is required?  Yes I will lord my scraps of knowledge over stupid and willfully ignorant people.  I will slap them in the face with it, cause that is how you deal with willingly ignorant people, you know the types, they reject science because they believe in an invisible Sky Daddy and they believe the Earth is 6000 years old and 4400 years ago there was a global flood, and that Jesus is a Zombie.  Yes, those people I will LORD OVER and slap them silly.

As for the video he links in article, Jesus (must not swear, must not swear,..) Poopy Pants, that video is high level dumb stoopid moronic poop.  I can't go into discussing that video without using swear words.  Watch if you dare.  Joshua's failure is complete by including it, clearly Joshua is going to be push religion in his "Reclaiming Science" series, in fact he was doing it in this article, but I am going to let it slide for now.  If religion rears its ugly head in third installment, the gloves will come off. (take my advice Joshua, stop now before you make a complete fool of yourself, you are already 70 percent there, stop now and shut your mouth before it is too late.)

*Curriculum Vitae, The Grumpy Hobbit of A Grumpy Hobbit Blog holds a Bachelors of Engineering Science, Mechanical Engineering (B.E.Sc., Mech. Eng.), Numerous Computer Coding Certs and Information Technology Certs, Worked in the IT field for over two decades.  Currently doing Hobby Engineering (Science and Engineering for fun, ya, I am that nerdy) in the field of Green and Alternate Transportation and Green and Alternate Housing and Energy Production at the practical and applied level.  So if the question is "Bro, Do you even Science" the answer is yes, I Science, I try to Science everyday.  The Grumpy Hobbit is not famous for his writing skills, but he is working on those, knowing that they suck and that continuous practice will lead to improvement,... hopefully (well that's my other hypothesis and theory).

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