Monday, 23 November 2015

E-FLAP #000009 - EXCLUSIVE * Ezra's Huge Huge Cenorship Douchebag Move

You all know Ezra's TheRebel.Media Web domain right?  You know, its the site where he posts all of his stories before the cross posting then over at his The Rebel Community FaceBook page.  This is without fail, first the video rant or post goes up on TheRebel site and then it appears on the FaceBook, I have yet to see an exception,... until now,... but it is an "after the fact" change or dare I say DELETION.

While having a discussion with one of Ezra's minions about allowable comment behavior, I pointed out that Ezra, or one of media monkeys had commented on allowable comment behavior.  Basically the rules were simple.
  1. Opposing points of views were welcome
  2. No bad language
  3. No insulting others
Ya, I know, try not to laugh too much.  Anyhoo, the guy seem skeptical of my claim so I decide I go back and dig up the comment.  I knew the approximate date, it was the thread were my primary FaceBook account was banned, comments deleted and I was censored.  Yet I could not remember exactly which Ezra FaceBook post it was.  So I went digging,... and digging,... and digging.  I could not find the comment or the comment that it was in response to.  It seems that one of Ezra's minions was miffed that comments and threads were going missing, ya act surprised please.  Anyways, here is a screen capture of the current comment thread, I have a feeling it will go poof soon too.

Screen capture from November 22,2015 LINK
So I started looking at Ezra's posts on TheRebel.Media and low and behold I find not one, but TWO Ezra posts that had been removed from his FaceBook Community group (I have to start wondering how many other have been deleted?). You may remember them, they were his video rant post about Trudeau spending ungodly amounts of taxpayer money to "renovate" 24 Sussex. In those facebook posts many of his normal fans and all of his detractors (me included) were calling him out on this complete bullpoop. They were not renovations, they were desperately needed and long over due repairs and the plans were not the Liberals or Trudeau's, but based on recommendations from the 2008 AG Report (linkie provided) and the 150 Million Dollar plans was from NCC (National Capital Commission, a Government Crown Corporation that is non-political). Of course Ezra, who read the media reports that he based his rants on knew all of this (cause he READ THEM) but instead of providing the information he just made stuff up in those two posts/rants.  Well it seems that the cross posts of these two rants have gone POOF, down the memory hole after even his fans start handing him his ass about his overly dishonest, dickish and highly partisan bullpoopy rants.
October 27, 2015 Rant found here
October 29, 2015 Rant found here
Needless to say, it was on one of these facebook cross linked posts were I proved that Ezra was out and out lying by omitting very relevant facts and that he was simply making stuff up and got I banned, comments deleted and censored from his group (well at least my primary facebook account get this treatment, my alt is still allowed to post, silly media monkeys).

Anyways, so these two entire FaceBook posts of Ezra were deleted, all the corresponding comments and discussion flushed down the crapper as well.  Why is that Ezra?  Where is this great Free Speech Warrior who welcomes opposing options and polite and courteous debate.  YES! I was polite, courteous and ignored the constant bad language and insults that were direct at me and I never respond in kind to them.  I was polite to a fault!  I backed up my position with links and documentation.  Well those facebooks post are now gone cause Ezra is too thin skinned to accept any criticism of his BS rants and outright lies.

I could rub the noses of Ezra's minions in this steaming pile of clearly documented lies and censorship, but you know how well Ezra has them believing he is the Second Coming of Christ, but at least the few people who read my Grumpy Hobbit rants will know the truth and will have more documentation and evidence to back it up.

I would dearly love someone in the real media to hold Ezra's feet to the fire about this,... sigh, well Grumpy Hobbit can dream can't he?  Heck, you don't even need to give me any cred for it, take it, run with it, it is all yours if you want it.


  1. I will stroll by Ezra's FB and have some fun today.......

    1. Remember to be polite, it pisses them off to no end and you can not faulted, but that is just opinion and method of operation.