Wednesday, 4 November 2015

E-FLAP #000004 - I Smell The Next Ezra Levant Defamation Suit Warming Up

I figured when Alberta Oil magazine pen the column that Ezra was full Alberta Cow Poop, read it here:

Better than Ezra

I figured Ezra would one of two things
  1. Ignore it like it never happened and hope people didn't notice it, or
  2. Make a video and do a complete Ad Hominem attack video, attacking the messenger while completely ignoring what was said.
I has me Stoopid wig on
And the answer is #2  Not only does Ezra come out with both Ad Hominem Guns a blazing he also does absolutely nothing to refute the Analysis of Alberta Oil Magazine, hell he doesn't even doesn't even mention what was said at all.  Nope, instead Ezra puts on his Stoopid wig and goes,... man I can even describe this, it is just that pathetic.  Seriously, you have see it to believe it.
I know I shouldn't send you to Ezra's Youtube page (or in the case of Ezra YouBoob), but this one is worth it.  Seriously, if Ezra continues this behavior, he may be looking at yet another malicious defamation law suit.

Anyways, if you managed to watch the entire video (lord knows I suffered through it) leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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