Monday, 2 November 2015

Calling for Submissions of Your Favorite Ezra Fabrication, Lies and Propaganda (E-FLAP)

Well the burning stoopid over at The Rebel Media seems not be lacking for fuel, with the likes of

  1. The Rebel Commander and Chief, Ezra Levant
  2. Chief Bottle Washer, Brian Lilley
  3. I'm Suppose to Be Funny, But I Ain't, Gavin Mcinnes
  4. We Might Actually Be Funny, Matt & Jason
  5. Seriously, Like WTF, David Menzies
  6. The Crazy Wild West, Shiela (Bang Bang) Gunn Reid
  7. and a list of others I have not had the stomach to listen to or read yet.
I have seriously under estimated the massive volume of bovine solid waste emissions that are produced over at The Rebel Media.  Of course I completely forgot to their Bottom of the Barrel Scrapings with their Megaphone Bloggers, with such notable names like;

  1. Richard Klagsbrun
  2. Michael Bonner (giggle)
  3. Mindy Alter(reality)
  4. Mitch (the boy who cried) Wolfe
  5. Neil Flagg, Ford Nation Sycophant and Howler Monkey Trainer.
  6. Tim (not on the) Ball
  7. Dean (I'm crazier than bat poop) Skoreyko
  8. Blazing Cat(Turd)Fur, jesus are these two still around?
  9. and many more that I have no wish to read, but will
It really is the who's who of the Canadian RWNJs.  The volume of crazy is more than one person can keep track of and record.  In my latest Rebel Rousing, where I very politely point out the facts about Ezra's less than sterling reputation with the truth and facts I was challenged to provide a list of his past, how shall we say it,... less than honest stories and actions.  Seven came to mind without needing to do da Googly, but you know, I'd like to have an over abundance of ammo.

So if you happen to have a Ezra Story where he made it up, embellished the facts or lied about it please leave me the details in the comment section.  But why stop there, also include any BS stories from the defunk and failed Sun News Network or from any of the wackjobs list above.  I might not be able to write about them all, but it would be nice to compile a list.  If you can provide links to sources that would be great, but if required, I will do da Googling.

Thanks in advance for all tips and leads.
AKA A Grumpy Hobbit.


  1. He wrote this book, _The War on Fun_. I would say that the entire content is fiction, and that the tobacco industry paid for it.

  2. I wrote this back in 2000:

    When the movie "The Insider" was released, BAT (the owner of Wigand's employer, Brown & Williamson) went all-out to discredit the film and its central character, Jeffrey Wigand. This was intensified in Canada when Wigand was hired as a special advisor to federal Minister of Health Allan Rock. One of their agents was Ezra Levant of the National Post (They didn't want to trust Terence Corcoran with this one). The National Post published columns on Dec. 2 and Dec. 14 in which Levant claimed that Wigand is "a notorious gun aficionado", pleaded guilty to shoplifting, refused to pay child support to his second wife, and abused his third wife. Levant claimed that Wigand accused B&W of putting a bullet in his mailbox.

    Some of this is true, but anyone who has seen "The Insider" knows that neither Wigand nor the police attributed the bullet to B&W. Wigand is a competitive target shooter, but certainly not a "notorious gun aficionado". The shoplifting charge is simply false. Where Levant really went off the rails, however, was when he wrote: "So why are anti-tobacco activists -- usually very skeptical people -- staking their reputations on an entertaining piece of Hollywood fiction called 'The Insider'?"

    Wrong, Ezra. Like any other sociopolitical movement on this planet, we choose our own leaders and heroes. (See previous article.) When we want you to pick one for us, we will let you know.

    Not long after this column was published, Levant was exiled to the Calgary Herald. Two weeks later, he wrote a cliché-ridden hatchet job about a speech by a Hong Kong trade representative to a business group. It turned out that that the person targeted by Levant didn't give the speech, and Levant didn't actually attend the event he wrote about. So, the obvious question is, has Levant actually seen "The Insider"?

    When Levant got wind of this piece of writing, he took exception to the phrase "One of their agents was Ezra Levant", and he threatened to sue me. It eventually turned out that he WAS a lobbyist (which is another word for "agent") for Rothmans Benson and Hedges.

  3. The Wonderful Humiliation of the Ghastly Ezra Levant

    1. Love Simon's stuff, I'll add it to my reading list tomorrow. Just got off my shift and need some sleep. Thanks for the link