Wednesday, 4 November 2015

E-FLAP #000003 - Theo Caldwell, The Burning Hypocrisy is only out shone by the Burning STOOPID

Theo Caldwell, one of The Rebel Media's useful *cough* writers and RWNJ Sycophant is truly a piece of work.  His burn hypocrisy is only shadow by his BURNING STOOPID.  Case in point, this article

Only Justin need apply

I dare you to read the entire thing, lord know I did and I ignored my brain begging me to stop. Lets look at some of the hypocrisy and BURNING STOOPID shall we

Specifically, as the 43-year-old Justin, who can claim no accomplishment other than surviving childbirth, is granted near-dictatorial federal power,
"granted near-dictatorial federal power" um, two words Stephen Harper. (drops mic and walks off stage)...  Ok, I'm back, there is more, so Theo, what was Harper's major accomplishments? Well he was an Economics Student, a mail room clerk, then an MP and then PM.  Seriously Trudeau can claim a lot more that that.  Oh, and there is one more claim Harper can make, he had his ass handed to him by a guy who can claim no accomplishment other than surviving childbirth and just wasn't ready.

The quickest explanation is that, unlike you, Justin inherited a kajillion dollars and the Liberal Party of Canada and, when he was good and ready, took up his post in the family business.
You couldn’t surpass Justin from a standing start any more than you could run a bigger cable company than Ed Rogers, or a larger grocery chain than Galen Weston, Jr.
Even as a scion of another political family, the son of a successful, recent prime minister, that tack won’t work if you’re a Conservative
Um, two words, Rob Ford!  Jesus Theo, you have the memory retention of a screen door, everything just plows through and just the useless dirt an lint seem stick.  Seriously, how about the Ford Brother Theo, ever heard of them?  But lets continue,...
If a Conservative leadership candidate were as dazed and underqualified as Justin, he would be hooted off the stage.
Oh Sweet Baby Jesus sporting a Ford Nation Tee-Shirt.  THE FORDS
Rather, to be successful in anything like the near future, Conservatives must be different from anything we have seen before, innovative, visionary, funny, and engaging. Most important, they must refuse to play by the media’s rules.
(I mustn't swear, I mustn't swear) Theo, if current Conservatives need to be "innovative, visionary, funny, and engaging" then you and the conservative movement in Canada as it stands right now are totally screwed.  As for "they must refuse to play by the media’s rules", yeah they got down pat, they avoid the media, refuse to take questions and then cry about "The Media Party"

I could go on, but the rest of Theo's article just goes off into a Trump-utopia lala land of magical fairies, unicorns and RAGING CASE OF TRUDEAU DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.  Theo is some sort of investment guru or something, if you have any money managed by this clown, get out now before he looses it all for you.  Cause if his financial advice is anything like his political analysis and advice, you are truly screwed.

Oh and just a side not Theo Overqualified is a word, Underqualified is not.  Now I know I am the very last person who should go all spelling cop on your arse, but if you are going to sell yourself as a great Conservative Opinionist, you might want to use a freaking spell checker.  As for me, I am just A Grumpy Hobbit, with horrible spelling, grammar and a spell-checker.

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