Thursday, 30 April 2015

These are the Rules of the Hobbit Hole

These are the Rules of the Hobbit Hole

Yes there are going to be rules.  When I first started blogging back in 2005 (The Wingnuterer) I really didn't have rules.  It was more of a free for all, but after a decade of blogging on and off, Facebook and the Twitter, I have come to adopt some rules.  If you don't like them, then don't even bother.

RULE #1 - The Rules are not up for debate.  If you feel an over compelling need to discuss or debate the Rules you may contact me via email at
RULE #2 - You will follow the rules, even I have to follow the rules.  I know that sometimes things can get heated, but before you hit POST button, take a breather, calm down and rethink your posts/comment, edit it so it complies with the rules.
RULE #3 - No name calling.  Yup, if you have to degenerate to name calling, then you really don't have a point.  If you have a valid point, then you don't really need to name call.  Simple eh?
RULE #4 - Please, always try to support your argument with related links.  If you or I posit an idea or claim a fact, it is incumbent on you, not others, to support your argument.  Now I know that there are times when you may have read an article on line and tried to go back and find but can't.  If this is case, at least give us a hint so that others may have a chance to find it.  Now there is some give and take on this rule, if you feel your point is well known, and therefore not in easy dispute, then ya, give it pass, but if some one asks you to back it up.  Simple, go look up the link and provide it, don't dance around and not provide it.  If you can't find it, then just say so.  If your point/observation is an opinion, then just say so.  Honesty is the best policy.
RULE #5 - No over abusing the demand for asking people to backing up their facts or information by demanding "You gotta a link for that"  This will be consider Trolling and violation of Rules #9 and #10.
RULE #6 - NO SEGUES, seriously, If I make a post about Rob Ford doing "X", then the topic up for discussion is Rob Ford doing "X".  Now if you feel that Rob Ford doing "Y" is relevant, then it is incumbent on you to demonstrate that discussion of "Y" moves the debate forward.
RULE #7 - No Bullying, if you are having an issue with another commenter on this blog or from other sources, well sorry, just leave that issue at the door.
RULE #8 - Opposing opinions are welcome and encouraged, But please remember Rules #2, #3, #4 #5, #6, #7, #9 and #10 are in effect
RULE #9 - Obey the Wil Wheaton Rule of Life (hereby known as WWROL), don't be a dick.
RULE #10 - No Trolling.  If  I warn you that you are trolling, stop it, it is not up for debate.
RULE #11 - I reserve the right ban people who do not follow the rules.  Oh and Rule #8 is entirely up to me enforce, so don't even bother pointing it out to me.  I will attempt to be fair in this application, as I will attempt to fair in the application of all the rules.
RULE #12 - It is your responsibility to know the rules, not mine or others.
RULE #13 - The rules of my blog apply here not elsewhere, if you notice me not following these rules on Facebook and/or Twitter, well those place are not my blog.  Though I am attempting to follow these rules everywhere I go, sometimes it is, shall we say, difficult.

Here Endeth The Rules
A Grumpy Hobbit

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