Thursday, 31 December 2015

RWNJ Revisionist History 101 = The Nazi Were Socialist

The Nazi were SOCIALISTS!!!! After all the name of their political Party was the National Socialist Party (or there abouts) blah blah blah,...

This is the one of the favorite mindless talking point I hear from RWNJs who have never crack a history book in their lives. I really detest people who knowing or through ignorance play revisionist history. So it is time to review some of the really history of the Nazi Party of the 1930.
The Nazi were not Socialists, if they were Socialists, they were the were the worst failure at being Socialist in record history,... ever. Let examine WHAT THEY DID and NOT WHAT THEY CALLED THEIR PARTY
  1. The Nazi took away the Germany peoples right to strike and it was illegal, punishable by some very serious prison time or worse. Kind of the freaking opposite of what socialist would do. 
  2. The Nazi arrest and imprisoned all Trade Union leaders in either Forced labor camps or they sent them to concentration camps. Kind of the freaking opposite of what socialist would do. 
  3. The Nazi privatized the four major commercial banks in Germany that had all come under public ownership during the prior years. Kind of the freaking opposite of what socialist would do. 
  4. The Nazi also privatized were the Deutsche Reichsbahn (German Railways) which were under public control prior to their taking power. Kind of the freaking opposite of what socialist would do. 
  5. Major steel and manufacturing industries that owned or partially owned by the Government prior to the Nazi were sold off to the private sector. Examples of this were
    - Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G. (United Steelworks)
    - A.G. Farben Industrie A.G
    - Vereinigte Oberschlesische H├╝ttenwerke AG
    - The Upper Silesian coal and steel industry
    - Several shipbuilding companies sold off to the private sector
    - The Nazi also upgrade private utilities at the expense of municipally (aka publicly owned, not private) owned utilities companies
    Kind of the freaking opposite of what socialist would do.
  6.  Oh and if you were member of one of Germany's communist parties (I think there were several, but need to verify) or suspect of having ties to the communist or accused of supporting or being sympathetic to the Communist cause,... well lets just say you got off easy if they just shot you in head with a bullet, because what they did to communists was equally horrific as what they did to Jews, and they did it first to the Communists before the perfected they mass industrial murdering techniques.
So given all of this, this must some new form or new definition of Socialism that I have never freaking heard of. No sorry people, the Nazi were in fact a Right of Center Fascist Oligarchy and to think of them they as Socialist is the finest example revisionist history. 

Feel free to share this info the next time some moron makes this claim.  If need be I will add proper verifiable link to reputable historical sources.  Most of this information came from Holocaust Historical Societies that are professional run and operated by accredited historians. In fact I will will add the links, but later, I will post updates as I fill in all the reference points.

PS, all of these fact are EXTREMELY easy to verify yourselves via reputable history sources or books.PSS, Happy New Year and may you experience less of the Burning Stupid in 2016


  1. If they want to argue the Nazis were socialist because it was in their name then they have to accept that all the Peoples and Workers states really were peoples and workers states because it was in their name.

  2. And the East Germany was actually a Democracy too,...