Sunday, 26 April 2015

And I Am Back

It has been years since I blogged, I have been generally been using FaceBook and the twitters, but I have been finding that these are limited and I need a more organized approached to keep things,... well organized. So I talked to Scott at the Progressive Bloggers about rejoining again and he was "Hey no problem". I was hoping that I would have a WordPress blog set up, but money is really tight at the moment and I can't afford to upgrade my domain to a WordPress account, so that will have to wait.

Anyways, what will this blog be about? Simple;
  • Toronto Politics, follow me on #TOPoli @agrumpyhobbit
  • Canadian Federal Politics, follow me on #CDNPoli @agrumpyhobbit
  • EPIC OLD MAN RANTS - I rant, you listen
  • Life With Dog - Silly observation about my life with my dog, Newton the Border Collie
  • Science Type Stuff - Talking about Science and debunk bad science and promoting good science. Topics will be all over the place Evolution, GMOs and related, Global Warming, Global Climate Change, Anthropomorphic Global Climate Change and what ever science tickles my fancy.
  • Right Wing Nut Jobs and Religious RWNJs, this will main concern things in the USA
  • and maybe some cooking and other random stuff, maybe some computer games
Anyhoo, time to post this and then send the RSS feed and link address of to Scott.  I'll work on making this blog look nicer and all the bells and whistles later and when money comes available, I'll migrate over to WordPress.  So ya, I'm back, let the pigeons loose.

A Grumpy Hobbit


  1. hi Zorph...welcome back !! It's been a long time and we missed you. It's a special thing when a blogger returns especially a fun one like you. And even if you are now a grumpy hobbit ;) Let the Con nuts start cracking and the pigeons are flying...

    1. Thanks, it has been awhile and facebook and twitter just were not cutting as far as organization goes, I want something where I can organize my thoughts and writing, and well blogging offers that. I have several writing projects in the wings, no idea if they bare any fruit, but I have set some trick rules about what I will be blogging about and how.

      Going to go now and work on the design a bit tonight, make look a little better and start getting ready for producing output. Lots to write about, the budget, C51, Duffy, Ford, Tory, Blair and hopefully some fun stuff as well

  2. Replies
    1. Wow, for some one who doesn't care Lin, then why did you take time to seek out my blog and leave a comment. But hey, what ever turns your crank.