Saturday, 5 December 2015

Going Green - The Tiny Home Project - The General Plan

Many people are looking at tiny homes.  This solution is not for everyone and it requires a good deal planning and prep-work.  One of the very first things you need to do is down size.  I mean down size with a vengeance!!!  I have already accomplished over the course of the last few years and I still need to do some more, but I am good to go in this department.


I had planned to move forward on this project in the spring, but if I can manage to get the right piece of land I will start in the dead of winter.  My plan has four stages to it.
  1. Acquire a wooded lot, 1/8th to 1 acre in size in the region of Simcoe-Port Dover-Turkey Point.  This is my preferred area, it allows me to keep my Car Pool Ride for work and is still near all the things I need.  Maximum Price for rental/lease agreement $250.00 per month.
  2. Build a quick and very small Tiny Home for immediate living.  Minimum requirements, Shit, Shower and Shave. Cooking, Sleeping Area, Plan/Work area and place to get dressed. Minimum Heat, Power Generation and Water. More on this initial build tomorrow.
  3. Save money to buy the ideal custom trailer for the my ultimate Tiny Home and building materials and begin construction as soon as resources permit.  At this point my monthly living cost is be between $800.00 to $900.00 a month, thus leaving ample left over income to save and then buy required building materials.
  4. After building and completing the Final Ultimate Tiny Home, save like a mad man so I can buy my own land in the area, thus reducing my living costs even more.
I will discuss the costs and bare minimum requirements for the first build in my article tomorrow.  I just want to point out I will actually be building TWO Tiny Homes.  The first one will be a quick and very rustic Tiny Home, which will end up being my Tiny Home Away from my Tiny Home.  In the end, it will serve as a guest house and for when I want to travel around and do road trips.  It will be no where near as energy efficient or as large as my final Tiny Home.


  1. @deepgreendesign ~ Cool! Will you be creating detail drawings?

  2. To a certain degree yes, these are not overly complex structures and there is only so much detail to show. Though I will be providing great detail in trailer to structure connections and the what I consider the floor-wall-ceiling structural stress point. Since this a structure that can be moved it need to be very strong at connection points. I have also given thought to adding temporary members for added rigidity while the Tiny Home is in transport mode, these elements can be removed and then hidden away after reaching the new location.

    I will also be going into the energy efficiency of the design and how best to make a Tiny Home for our very cold and hot climate we have here in Canada.

    So there will be a lot of information being presented more than enough to assist others in the process if they are looking at heading this route.

    Topics will include
    1) Energy Efficiency
    2) Heating
    3) Power Generation
    4) Water Systems
    5) Power Storage
    6) Sanitation
    7) Kitchen and Cooking
    8) Storage and Space saving And Space Reclamation
    9) Emergency and Back Up Systems
    10) Off Grid Internet
    11) Lighting systems
    12) Sourcing Materials and what materials to use.
    13) The Off-Grid Dog House, cause you know, Life with dog!

    Half the reasons for these articles is it forces me to organize and plan properly.