Monday, 4 May 2015

Garland Texas Shooting, Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest and RWNJs

Garland Texas Shooting, Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest and RWNJs

So much stupid, from so many sources, it is impossible to point it all out.  But let us start with my position, so there is no mis-understanding.

  1. Draw Muhammad Day (actually held on May 20th), I am totally cool with it.  Just like I have no issue with drawing and mocking Jesus Christ any other Religious icon.  I do it regularly, I have done it in the past.  I reserve to the right to openly mock peoples stupid religious beliefs.  Deal with it!
  2. I am not ok with you showing up and shooting up an Art exhibit, even if it is run by RWNJ who would cry rivers of tears if you drew a disparaging picture of Jesus, but are okey-dokey doing to a guy called Muhammad.
  3. I am also not ok with how the RWNJ media has spun this story.  Yesterday, the gunmen had explosives and hand grenades.  Today, well, police have announce that wasn't the case.  Now the RWNJ blogosphere is all a buzz that fully automatic AK47s were used.  Ya, I expect that one to be untrue as well.
I do not care one rat's buttock if you are offend by what I say or what I draw, that is your problem, not mine.  I will be critical of the State of Israel using indiscriminate methods that end up killing innocent men, women and children in the occupied territories, that is not Anti-Semitic, that is being critical of a political policy used by the Israeli Government that results in innocent civilian lives, deal with it.  I will be critical of Hamas when they fire from civilian positions with rockets aimed at civilian populations (thankfully, their rockets are so piss poor, they rarely do damage), this is not being Pro-Israeli, this is called being consistent.  I will be critical of Religious RWNJ down south who are predicting the end of world if they are not allowed to discriminate without fear of legal consequence when they decide their choice of religion gives them the right to be arse-holes.

I will mock those who deserve to mocked, I will do so without fear, and I really do not care if you are offend at all.  Oh and if I am not offending someone, somewhere, then I need to up my game.

I hope someone is offend after reading this.

A Grumpy Hobbit

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