Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ezra Levant - The Bestest Honestest Mostest Reporter (E-FLAP #000001)

So I have been told by one of Ezra's fangirls, that Ezra always corrects himself and apologizes when he makes an error.  I called bullshit, and I think it is high time to start keeping tracking, documenting all the times Ezra and his peons at The Rebel (Reb-Bull) Media do one of the following;
  1. Make stuff up
  2. Grossly embellish the facts
  3. Outright lie
Now for the record this is Sam, Conplaining to me that Ezra and Brain and The Reb-Bull Media are just the bestest and mostest honestest media out there.

CHALLENGE EXCEPT - Lets keep track. 

Now I could go digging through all of Ezra's bullshit from the past, but why bother.  Let just keep track from this point moving forward.  I am sure I'll have a clear cut case in a week or so,... Just kidding, I already have an outright example of Ezra Fabrication, Lies and Propaganda (E-FLAP)

First off, this not 10 million to redecorate, it is 10 million to repair the place.  Oh, I am sure they will do some redecoration too at the same time.

Secondly, this is not a number Trudeau invented, it from the AG Report from 2008,... you know, the one that was given to Harper back in 2008.  Since Harper did nothing, I am sure the number will be even higher now, but that's what you get when you ignore urgent repairs and upkeep on a home.

These facts are well know to Ezra, but hey if he wants to claim that he is ignorant of this, then why should we trust someone who is so blatantly ignorant of Harper's recent political history, we can only concluded that Ezra is mentally retarted.  So either Ezra is lying through his teeth by omitting key well know and well documented facts or he is mental retarted.

Not many of Ezra's Reb-Bull Media fans are buying into this bullshit story and have called him out. Though it is also far to point out many of Ezra dumber/brain dead fans did fall for this. Ezra still has not corrected the record or apologized for this baseless political attack on Trudeau.

I expect I will be wrting a lot of material on this and I am sure that I will miss a lot to, since you know,... Ezra.  This is going to be easy and a lot fun. I wonder what Ezra will make up next?



  1. If you're collecting Ezra' lies, my favourite is the time he claimed that the Toronto Star called for an Order of Canada for Omar Kadr, then proved it by linking to a heavily edited clip of Rick Salutin saying exactly the opposite.

  2. Well, I know I dig up hundreds of examples from his past, but I thiunk we will just deal with current douchebaggery, there should be more than enough material fpr one article a day,... But if I run low, that one sounds awesome.